Tips to Replace a Window

Window is not only good to make your house healthy by letting air and sunlight go inside but also brighten up a room. A new and clean window can save you hundreds of dollars per month in energy bills. It allows you to turn off lights and air conditioner. The air and the light from outside that go inside from the windows is enough to make the room cool and bright. If you come to an idea of replacing your old windows with the new ones, you have to read the following tips. These tips can help you replacing the windows effectively.

Get the Size of Your Old Windows
Measuring your old windows is the first thing that you need to do. You should measure the dimension. This dimension will be used to make a new window to replace the old one. What to measure are the left, the right, and the middle of the window’s piece. You need also to measure the diagonal of the windows at the both sides. Next step is removing and replacing.

Removing and Replacing the Window
To remove the old window, you need to remove the inside stop piece first. Remove them all. However, if it is possible, remove them carefully so that you can reattach them again later after the new window is installed. Next you have to take out the inside sash from the frame. Remove them all and the following steps are very easy. Before installing a new window, clean the frame and put caulk and then place the window in the frame and shim it as needed. Use level to check if the window is plumb. Last, put screws and reattach the stop pieces. Make sure that you put the screw strong enough and in the right jamb. Finally, windows replacement is done.