Kitchen Pantry Design

If you are good at organizing, you have already done half of it. Yes, I am talking about designing a kitchen pantry. It is all about organizing it in the most appropriate way. The biggest problem faced while designing a kitchen pantry is the space. The amount of space needed to design a kitchen pantry is never adequate for the things that need to be organized. A pantry should always give you that extra storage for groceries and keep them hidden from view. The kitchen pantry needs to fit in a narrow space and it is generally fixed between the fridge and the cabinets for making space within the kitchen.

Kitchen pantry design

Now let us see some of the individual components of the kitchen pantry. The basket drawers, Stackable Bins, Shelves and Racks are some of the components of the kitchen pantry. If your objective is to accommodate the pantry in the minimum space, then you would probably look for a “slide out” kind of kitchen drawer. The baskets roll out on wheels and have plenty of space for keeping large items. The bottom of the basket will be made of Lucite, cardboard or plywood to make the base strong. Having some stackable bins in the kitchen pantry is also not a bad idea. They are good for storing items such as potatoes and beans. If you have extra floor space these bins are good for utilizing it. There are some innovative ideas that you can apply for your kitchen corners. Design the shelves and racks in a way such that they fit into the corner of your kitchen space. What I mean by this is designing a ‘L’ shape rack which has a decent height. This will help you to organize all your food items, dishes and other cookware.

A kitchen pantry is used to store all extra materials of your kitchen which includes cookware, stemware and china. Hence the basic design of a kitchen should allow for maximum organized space. If you do not have a kitchen pantry you can buy one or create from an existing cabinet. While designing a kitchen pantry it is important that you keep a tab on the budget. A meticulous planning from your end is required to design a well organized pantry within affordable budgets. Always remember a well designed kitchen pantry can help you find your kitchenware quickly, making your life much simpler.