Country kitchen design

There are three categories of kitchen design. They are contemporary kitchen design, trendy kitchen design, also called as futuristic kitchen design and the antique kitchen design, which means the country kitchen design.

Country kitchen design

Among the most sought after kitchen designs is the contemporary kitchen design since they offer a wide range of products and accessories that are readily available in the markets. However, very few people have a choice for country kitchen design, which falls under the antique kitchen design.

The most prominent feature of country kitchen design is the extensive use of wood. Almost 80 per cent of the material that goes into making a successful country kitchen design is wood. Ordinary wood cannot be used for a country kitchen design owing to various problems like durability and longevity. The household has no choice other than using a strong and costly wood for country kitchen design. Invariably the cost involved is on the higher end. Only those with a special inclination towards country kitchen design go ahead and do it.

The wooden aspect can be seen right from the doors to utensils. Usually, the doors are made to appear heavy and sport a number of metal accessories like handles, hinges and bolts. The metal accessories can be of wrought iron or unpolished iron to produce an effect of antiquity. The wood also goes into the making of cabinets and shelves inside the kitchen. Most of these cabinets are not polished in order to give an appearance of country side looks. Even these cabinets and shelves have metal handles and levers.

For those with a strong liking for extreme country design, even the crockery set comes in wooden format.

If it seems like country kitchen design is an expensive affair, there are alternative country kitchen design. The difference is that the material used in the country kitchen design resembles wood and is often made of synthetic material. Such material does produce a wooden like appearance, but in genuine sense is not wood. It is very easy to make out such material since they stand out. People, whose budget does not fit their requirements, opt for synthetic wood for country kitchen design.

It is easy to purchase the country kitchen design theme-based furniture, products and accessories. Most of the home décor stores in the neighborhood display country kitchen design products for sale. There are separate catalogues on country design. However, the accessories and products are usually not stacked with the home décor store.