Blue Kitchen – Alternative Color for Kitchen Makeover

It is said that the color blue is not supposed to be in the kitchen for there is no foods with natural color blue except a few foods. But if you really love the color blue and want to have a blue kitchen regardless, here are some tips to how you can make your kitchen blue without overdoing it.

Kitchen in Blue
If right now your kitchen is painted in white, then you can simply paint the cabinets and cupboards blue. It will help you to save money. After all, painting your whole kitchen will be much more costly. By painting your cabinets and cupboards blue, you will give your kitchen a cooler look.

The color blue usually is connected to the cool feeling, but if you want to give your kitchen warm look still, you can use a combination of pastel blue, white and green. White can make your kitchen look clean while green makes it look fresh. For example, you can have blue walls, with green counter and white cabinets and countertops to make your kitchen look welcoming. You can always simply paint your kitchen counter dark Denim blue. To contrast the dark blue, you can have yellow marble countertop.

If you want to have vibrant looking kitchen, you can give the walls and cabinets the color pale white and add rust-red flooring. If you want to have a southwestern look, you can paint cabinets in your kitchen turquoise. If you have the time and money to give a makeover to your kitchen, you can also add rough-cut ceiling beams and beige floor tiles to finish the look.

Other Colors
Of course, if you feel that blue is not your color, there are other colors that can be used as a theme for your kitchen. The most common color used is white. Other colors used are green, red and black.